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Oh hey, LJ. I don't know why my posting has slowly died off over the last year, but alas, it has. I find LJ a useful tool for looking back, though, so I still feel the urge to attempt to post. Most recently I felt this way because I went to a concert, and I realized I've documented every concert I've ever been to (basically) on here...can't stop now!

blink-182 etc. concertCollapse )

Besides posting about that, I guess I'll say a few words on this semester, since I have yet to do so. I'm taking Roman Culture (CLAS 1010); Elementary Japanese I (JPNS 1001); Intro to Judaism, Christiany, and Islam (RELI 1001); and Intermediate Latin II (LATN 2002). Taking Japanese and Latin at the same time is no where near as hard as I though it would be, mainly because I'm at such drastically different levels in both. But as it is, I'm fine, and I'm quite enjoying Japanese. The writing system has been a really different thing to tackle, and my Linguistics nerd is happy-go-lucky getting so far away from Western languages. Latin is Latin, same old situation as ever. Roman Culture is a lot of what I've heard before and some new stuff, but it's all right. And religion kind of makes me feel like I'm in an old school social studies class, haha, but not really. It's more interesting than I'd thought it would be...somewhat, anyway.

Other things...my niece is love. Adorable. And growing up, too far away! My brother (found Jesus) quit his job and moved to London, and is staying with my family while he does this gap year program coaching school kids in soccer through Arsenal. He's there for a while and then going to another country for a while after this training time, but he'll be gone for at least a year. No telling if he'll decide to come back, but yeah, I'm really happy for him. Uhh...I'm living in a four bedroom, four bath apartment instead of a dorm. Yay for my own bathroom and a kitchen and a door to shut people out :D I drive much more now. Good and bad thing, probably (HATE DRIVING). I'm watching lots of tv shows right now - it's a bit mad. I'm going to England for the first time in over two years for a brief visit during Thanksgiving, leaving November 20th, coming back on the 30th. I'm going to see John Barrowman in La Cage Aux Folles while I'm there, and I'm very excited for that and just to see my family, including my brother this time, haha.

Anyway. I had two tests on Friday, following one on Thursday and getting home in the wee hours of Thurs from that concert, and I've been feeling a bit drained since, eheh. I think things will be quiet for a short while now, besides my crazy going home schedule for the next three weeks. Going to see Where the Wild Things Are Friday! And that's all for now. Nice seeing you again.


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28 July 2009 @ 02:10 am
Okay, so I guess I'm going to do my Comic-Con post [sigh], haha. So much stuff.

Preview NightCollapse )

ThursdayCollapse )

FridayCollapse )

SaturdayCollapse )

SundayCollapse )

Anyway. That's my second Comic-Con experience. [My last for a while, probably, my mom said no next year]. It was even more busy/crowded and such this year. We saw more celebrities. I now have gotten 3/5 of the former Torchwood team's autographs, haha. I don't know if I'd call it better, but it was certainly great and fangirl-pleasing. And Alex is going to sleep so that's all I'm saying, haha. Gotta go home tomorrow.


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27 July 2009 @ 05:28 pm
All right, I'm posting a few of my pics for fandom's sake. I'll post all my Comic-Con pics later on facebook or something, and do a full post about it all here as well, probably. But this is all for now.


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27 April 2009 @ 06:25 pm
I is an aunt!!! My sister just had her baby - Anahi Grace Alejandro :) I've only gotten second-hand information, but she's six pounds and some and thus apparently tiny. Jolene's okay. This is all I know...but I'm very excited! ^^ I get to see her in a week and four days-ish.

I approve of her birth date, as well. 4/27/09. We haven't really had any April birthdays in my family, so that's good. She's consistent, too, because she's an ox by Chinese zodiac standard, and a Taurus by the western one, haha. And oh, there's the fact that she shares her birthday with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, who I just saw in concert Thursday, haha.

Eeeeeheehee. It's unreal. I can't wait to meet her :))))))))

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So, goings on...it snowed Sunday [freak weather in Georgia this year, seriously], and in Athens we got like four inches. It snowed from noon to midnight, and stuck around pretty much completely for a day or two and then started melting, but it still wasn't completely gone by the time I left Friday. I went out and stood around in it when it first started sticking, and then I went out again to walk around once it was pretty thick...It was crazy, tree branches kept snapping. There was a tree down across my normal path to class, and then when I paused under a magnolia that had already dropped a couple branches, I heard it start again and scrambled forward and a very large branch dropped behind me >< Eheh. So that was scary. We had a tree fall on a powerline in the intersection out of my dorm, that was crazy. A lot of places lost power, ours flickered a lot but I think they had backup stuff. God, and after the day it snowed, the ice sucked - I fell once -_-; Some places the ice just completely coated the sidewalk. But anyway, it was still pretty cool, and I liked just watching the snow out of my very large dorm window, heheh.

[I took
what pictures I could take quickly, since my batteries kept going flickering dead and alive, heh.]

School-wise, things are going okay. I've done very well on all my tests so far [that I know of, still waiting for results on the two recent], so I am pleased. The marine biology lab can be a bitch. I enjoy it and I don't. We had a lab report we had to due, and now we have an assignment over spring break, and we're going to have a 'make a fish' [-_-;] project due this month as well. I'm enjoying mythology and psych, and Latin...and my tree class, heh. We just finished Caesar in Latin, and we're going to star our Ovid poetry-ness.

I had my advising appointment Thursday, and I'm all ehh debating, heh. I told my lady that I think I want to minor in Latin, but she asked me and I agreed that I might want to switch them around and major in Latin instead...which I guess would be if I were going to flat out teach Latin [my only realistic job idea so far]...blegh. And so I guess I'm trying to keep my options open a bit, which makes me feel even more restricted and whaaat about what I'm taking next semester [since I have the majority of pre-major crap done], heheh. I'm trying to decide if I can stomach a non-Indo-European language on top of more Latin next semester [and then there's the debate about which one of those to take anyway] - and besides, if I don't major in Ling., I don't need that. Soo yeah, eh.

But yes. Home for spring break, now. Went and saw Watchmen with Meg and Kevin and Steve and his wife Friday. It was almost exactly what I expected, good and bad. I'm good with it, really. I might ramble about it more later...but yeah, there were KIDS in that theatre with their parents, god. I don't know what the fuck they were thinking. Sex and exploding!gore and darkness and violence and nudity and swearing. NOT in ANY WAY kid friendly. ANY WAY. RRRRR!!! Heh.

Uh, trying to cram as much as I can in this week, I guess. I bought my Comic-Con four day pass, so I'm officially going again - wooooooooo. Freaking awesome. 40th Anniversary as well. Yay Alex! I think we're going to try and buy plane tickets tomorrow. [There might be more rambling about that as well, maybe.] Seven weeks until I have a niece!!! I'm trying to go see her [Anahi <3] as soon as I get done with finals. And oh yeah, I signed a lease on an apartment for next year. Four bedroom, four bath. Rather small, but really, all I want is a kitchen, my own room, and my own bathroom. I don't care. I picked it mainly too because they do a random pairing thing, no roommate seeking required.

Aaand I guess that's all I want to say right now.


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I guess I should post about college-ness...I realized I haven't put what classes I'm taking or anything. So here it is:
  • LATN 2001 - Intermediate Latin I - 9:05-9:55 - MWF
  • CLAS 1020 - Classical Mythology - 10:10-11:00 - MWF
  • PSYC 1101 - Intro to Psych - 12:30-1:45 - TR
  • MARS 1020 - Bio. of the Marine Environment - 1:25-2:15 - MWF
  • + MARS 1020L - 2:30-4:25 - T
  • FRES 1020 - All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Trees - 12:15-1:10 - W

So yeah. Things are going well. Not too much of a work load...It's nice not to have Latin homework four days in a row again, heh. We're translating a portion of Caesar's account of his invasion of Britain, right now, just had a test on that. We have to translate two passages we've done from there, among other things - last night I typed up my translations and just went back through the Latin text afterwards, trying to read it, and I was surprised how well I knew it. It's not so much that I can read it [I kind of can...it's hard to explain, haha], I just remembered it after I looked at the form and a couple words in each sentence...I was like, wow, memory. Go you. ...[And I miss my crazy old guy teacher from last semester, haha].

Mythology is a bit of reading every night, I'm surprised that I'm keeping up. I'm a geek, I like knowing this stuff, I guess. Yay for exposure. And woo for not being lazy [so strange]...regular pop quizzes are a good incentive, heh.

Psych is interesting, as of course it would be. I think he's a really easy teacher; I just took a test in there Thursday, and it was basically what was on the study guide he gave us. Oh, and we have to complete 6.5 hours of research stuff - basically we have to be their guinea pigs and sign up to participate in experiments. I've done one online and half of another so far [two hours worth]...it's kind of neat, haha. I'm getting them all out of the way in the next couple of weeks...I'm a bit excited, teehee. 

Um, Marine Bio...the class looks to be pretty straightforward, the teacher's a sweet guy. The lab is kind of meh - we have a quiz every week, but they're easy I guess. It's just annoying, having to review every time for the last week as well as prepare for the upcoming lab. And it's long. And I just hate labs. But yeah, we've been looking at cells and things under the micrscope, which always blows my mind, haha.

And the tree thing...jeezus, I feel like such a hippie. -_-; He loosely assigns us readings, and I think he's too science-y and doesn't get that some of the things are like, technical gibberish, haha. But it's cool, we sit around and talk about trees. Eheh.

So I'm handling it all well, yep...I'm amazed that I'm reading and doing my homework timely, and the studying for tests things [continued from last semester] - it just really psyches me out. I'm continuously surprised at myself, haha.

But yeah. That's all I want to say for now, I suppose.

Except - omg, Torchwood trailer. Exciiiited, haha. And damn, I'm watching a lot of tv [Monday - House, Tuesday - American Idol, Wednesday - American Idol and Lost, Thursday - Bones and Supernatural, Friday - Monk and Psych...and occasionally Daily Show and the Colbert Report, at night]...it's a bit mad. But I'm enjoying them all, mostly.

And yeah, that's it. BWAP.

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24 January 2009 @ 06:21 pm
I'm doing so well lately. I lock my keys in my car at the worst possible time. I knock my laptop of my bed, to its near death and its coma for a week. Today, I went out and somehow lost my UGA card. I called places I went, and the gas station I went to said they found it. I went there, got it, went to pull out of the parking lot...and hit someone. And the front end of my car is hanging off...bumper, a headlight, some kind of fluid [freon I think] leaking out, the grill...everything below the level of the hood. It's sitting in that parking lot waiting for my parents to come up tomorrow.

Yep. Doing a great job.

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I locked my keys in my car :D While my parents are out of town. And my car keys have my house key on them. And my dog is locked in my house.

Yay speedy locksmith! [Got there in sixteen minutes, offered to lube my lock (ahaha) on top of less-than-a-minute unlocking service, $40 :D] And Kevin for chilling with me, after discovering my idiocy when we were done at Moe's and BAM.

Yep...not the first time, probably not the last. Probably won't be under as horrible circumstances as this time...hopefully. [KNOCKS ON WOOD]


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21 December 2008 @ 07:06 pm
Wow, it's been ages since I posted o.o Over two months. Uhh, what's happened. We had a bit of a mad Halloween-ness...Meg and Brittany dressed up as people from Motion City Soundtrack - Meg's wig thing turned out perfect for Justin Pierre - and made me do sooomething, so I just threw on everything orange and ended up a Japanese cat girl. Or something. I don't want to talk about it, haha.

Um, school went okay. I improved in Astronomy and ended up with an A-...so far I know I have As in Ling and Latin, but American Government isn't up. I think I'm doomed to some kind of a B in that one, which is a bunch of crap, but you know...I'm not bothered. Woo for being through with my first semester of college \o/ [Well, kind of my second what with my previous credit, heh.]

My sister and her husband and new puppy came  for Thanksgiving ^^ That was great. That dog is crazy but awesome. And Jolene has a baby belly, heheheh.

Hmm, the day after the Cobra Starship concert peoples went to [but I wasn't able to go to :C], they came up to see me - it was a nice "surprise." [I figured out they were coming beforehand, heh].

I spent my 19th birthday [the 12th] taking a Latin final, heh. That was kind of lame, not having presents or friends or such on my actual birthday, but yeah. My parents came up the next day and we went shopping.

And yeah, I got done with my last final [they all went okay, I suppose] Monday afternoon, and came straight home. And got my birthday present - my wii! :DDD It's quite fun...been doing sports with my dad, haha, and some with people when they've come over...I've also got Animal Crossing, which is just awesome - love that stuff, heh, and definitely something to keep me busy. But yeah, since I've been home I've done something every day, haha. It's quite crazy...boo not being lazy, heheh, but it's been cool. Done stuff with several people. And then yesteday my parents and I and some family friends met up with my brother in Atlanta to go see that King Tut exhibit...it was neat, but not too exciting, heh...seen more of the same in other places, and more impressive stuff. But it was nice to do as a family.

And then last night was my late birthday party, woo. Meg, Jess, and Sky came and then Kevin came and we watched the Dark Knight...Brittany came late [she had been working], for a little while - couldn't stay too long either because she had to work early in the morning as well. I got some really neat gifts from peoples...we ate cake...and just hung out, heh, then Brittany left and we turned on Love Actually, which only Meg and I stayed awake through, haha [it was expected]. But yeah...Jess left early-ish, Meg hung out for a while, Sky a little bit longer, and then I took her home. It turns out her new house she's just moving in to is right next door to my old friend Liz's, haha. So crazy.

And oh yeah...before I got there and was given the tour, we missed the turn and went down the next road and another to turn around in a dead end...and there was a turkey. A freaking turkey. And I couldn't finish turning because it was walking around the car o.o Then when it got to the back, it pecked my freaking car!!! And came around to my side and pecked again. It was totally attacking my car. I honked at it and Sky tried to distract it and watch it through the window, and as soon as it was kind of in front I finished turning and got the heck out, haha.

Yep. Freaking bizarre. Pretty sure it's illegal too, to have a turkey in the city limits. Especially one that attacks cars.

But yes...Christmas shopping basically done, ready for that. All the friends' presents have been given, I think they went over well. :) Now maybe I can really bum around, haha...we'll see. That's all on the menu...besides my parents' trip to Louisiana...I'm not sure if I'm going or not. Jo was going to go up and meet us there, but now she's saying maybe not - which deeefinitely leans things towards no. We'll see.


[P.S. Oh look, new mood theme :D Captain Jack Harkness, mmm. Ahaha.]

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15 October 2008 @ 06:21 pm
I went to a pumpkin patch Friday :) I went manic with fall/Halloween-love last year, and I decided I really freaking wanted to go to a real one, pumpkins-on-the-vine and all - and just, sit or something. Wait for/worship the Great Pumpkin! But alas, it did not happen last year. So I was more determined this year, and I searched for ones in Georgia and found out there's one quite near here [Athens, that is]. So my mom and I decided to go Friday when she came to pick me up, before I went back to Warner Robins. It was beautiful :) We got three pumpkins, including a rather large [twenty-three pound] one that is green. It was a fulfilling experience, but I'd like to go to one and just sit in it on Halloween night...heh. I told my mom she should grow her own little patch - and that is on my list of things to do/have sometime in the future [along with my library].

Looky at the pumpkin patch. And the pumpkins we got.

Other than that...Brittany and Meg popped over that night...they decided to throw an impromptu party for Gabe of Cobra Starship's birthday, so we each got a cupcake and put candles on it and blew them out. It was odd, haha. And we played pool. Nothing much else happened.

But yeah. School-wise...when I found out that I had an American Government test coming up, sandwiching an Astronomy test, I just knew that my other two classes would follow suit. And they came through, with spades. I have a Linguistics quiz this Friday, a Latin quiz Tuesday, an American Government test Wednesday and next Friday, an Astronomy test Thursday, and a Linguistics midterm also next Friday. Woo. -_-

Still don't know if I want to come home this weekend - 'cause I definitely can't next weekend [I'm coming home for 'Fall Break' (we get Halloween off) the following weekend, and then I also have to be down there the weekend after for Meg's birthday]. I have all that crap coming up, but really, that's not going to factor that much into my weekend anyway, as much as I'd like to tell myself it will. The HoG is this weekend, and I'd like to go see the band play exhibition, 'cause I still haven't seen their show this year and I don't when else I'll be able to.

But yeah...we'll see. BWAP.

[Ohhh - and last night - House and Wilson looooooove].
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